Wasi dedicates to Buildings Design and special projects in its various stages from conception to execution, through licensing and technical assistance. In any project we execute, the regulatory and legislative framework is made, based on experience and comparative studies, the most economical solutions, always guaranteeing safety and functionality.
We work in new projects, but also changes in existing constructions and rehabilitation, in the following disciplines:

Structural Design

For each project, a load plan is defined, and the most appropriate structural-type solution is set out later for calculation, optimization and detailing. We have experience in the following types of structures:

Reinforced and prestressed concrete
Light Steel Frame
Mixed steel-concrete
Reinforcement with carbon fibers

Project Coordination

We present all the projects required for construction, duly coordinated with each other. In this way a single interlocutor is guaranteed, passing through a single designer the work of articulating the whole process. We define project phases appropriate to the size of the project, with scheduled meetings with the Client and the various designers, for execution of the intended project, within the stipulated time and budget.

Technical Inspection of Buildings

We diagnose pathologies in existing buildings, with humidity and noise being the most common problems. We previously collected the existing information as plants of the building, doing an on-site survey with recourse, if necessary, to measuring equipment. A report is prepared, with description of the analysis performed, data collected and proposals for improvement.


Thermal and energy certification
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Electricity and Telecommunications


From concept study to project execution, involving all project stakeholders.